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EMC Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Certification Exams For Implementation Engineers
The E20-335 Exam can be an intimidating exam, but it is a necessary step along the track of becoming a Symmetrix Solutions Specialist. The amount of information covered in this exam looks overwhelming at first, but almost the entirety of this exam's content can be mastered with test prep packages from Take a look at why you will need comprehensive packages like these to succeed.

Products You Should Know
You never know what products will be on this exam, but you better know them anyway. They will be part of many of the questions on this test, and knowing these products will help you to provide the correct answers. Some of the products that you have a good chance of seeing include Symmetrix with Enginuity 5876, the SDRF Product Suite, Symmetrix Performance Analyzer, Symmetrix Management Console, PowerPath, the TimeFinder Product Suite, Federated Live Migration, and Open Replicator. Remember that these may not be the only products featured in the exam questions, but they are probably will be featured.

Topics You Will See On The E20-335 Exam
A number of main topics and even more subtopics that fall underneath these topics will be represented in questions on this exam. The main topics that you will see are Symmetrix Configuration Management, Symmetrix Business Continuity Management, Symmetrix Performance Analyzer, Symmetrix Management Console, Solutions Enabler, Federated Live Migration, Open Replicator, and Business Continuity Implementation. These may not be the only topics that you will see featured on the exam, but it is likely that content from them will form the bulk of the questions.


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